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Master Your Day: The Importance of Cultivating a Powerful Morning Routine

The first time I actually realized the value of having a morning meditation practice was ten years ago. I went through the ending of an important relationship and I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety. At first, it looked like sitting on the floor of the carpeted one-bedroom apartment I had just moved into and taking deep breaths for a few minutes. Day after day I committed to this, and now it is a habit I never want to live without. It has expanded greatly, with reading different daily devotionals, learning Transcendental Meditation, and seeing what works for me. It ebbs and flows, some days the practice is long, and other days it is abbreviated, but the habit of sitting and choosing to start my day with peace and connection to myself is always there.

Before this habit grew into second nature, I felt so disconnected, easily drained, and ungrounded. I always thought of myself as a spiritual gal, but didn’t resonate with meditation. Yet, when the practice became, breathing, visualization, journaling, gratitude, grounding, cleansing, and pulling an oracle card, my tune changed. My life changed, my relationships changed, and I even began to have better boundaries. Your spirit and nervous system deserve to start the day with peace, calm, and ease, not by turning the news on and becoming dysregulated by the constant stream of breaking news and spiking your cortisol and adrenaline.

Many years ago, I listened to a podcast called On Being with Krista Tippet (linked below) and her guest was Sister Simone, an incredibly spiritual and inspiring nun. Sister Simone said (this is paraphrased) that meditation was like a snow globe, all the pieces of snow begin to fall, and the chaos turns into stillness and clarity. This is a metaphor I have come back to time and time again when I sit in my armchair every morning. Let everything fall away, the problems, the issues, the annoyances, and the resentments. What are you left with?

Here are 6 Tips to Help you incorporate a new morning routine that includes meditation

  1. Open up YouTube on your TV, iPad, or phone. Type in Binaural Meditation music, and pick the video that resonates with what you need healing with. This can range from releasing negative energy to raising your vibration or angelic protection. (I love Meditative Mind channel)

  2. Pick an essential oil that calls to you, and put it on a part of your body, like your wrists, temples, feet, or chest. (I like putting lavender or sage true on my heart space) Take several drops in your palm, and inhale deeply many times.

  3. Write out 3 things you feel honored to have in your life at the moment, whether it is a friend, partner, pet, experience, or even a beautiful movie you just saw. This says to the Universe, yes, this is for me!

  4. Find a cozy, peaceful spot to sit in. Have a warm blanket, grab your tea or coffee, light a candle, or some sage, and come home to yourself!

  5. Start with 5 minutes. Take deep breaths and visualize how you want the day to go.

  6. Pick out a mantra for the day! It can be as simple as “I walk through this day with confidence and grace.”I handle my tasks with ease.”

By carving out these moments for ourselves, we decide how we want to feel for the day and what kind of energy we wish to bring into our lives before the chaos and energy of the day decide for us. Try out dreaming up your ideal morning practice! What does it look like? How does it feel? How do you feel when you are finished? If you need a bit of help getting started, I created a digital. journal that can be purchased through my website, which can help you start on your self-care journey.

Thank you for stopping by, now let's all close our eyes and take a DEEP BREATH.

You’ve got this.


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