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"Must-Have Self-Care Tools to Navigate the Holiday Season with Ease"

winter is in the air!

As a woman who has recovered from a lifetime of disordered eating, the holiday season used to bring about an intense amount of anxiety around food, eating, calories, my body, fitting in clothes, and trying not to overeat. Not to mention all the emotional charge around where you will spend the holidays, whether you have a good relationship with your family and traveling. It is a time that is drenched in stress and if you are heading into this week carrying some of these same fears and anxieties, I invite you to come up with some tools you can utilize this week to assist you in having a successful, and enjoyable holiday.

My toolkit may be different from yours, and it has taken me many years to build upon it, but we are all learning how to love ourselves, and that process is a long and beautiful one. I am so glad you are on it! I am a huge proponent of therapy and shadow work, and taking the time to get to know your triggers and address the root behind each of them. With that kind of work comes deeper compassion, for yourself and others and the ability to take responsibility for yourself. That last part is huge! Being responsible for your own inner landscape and taking care of yourself. If you don’t have that as the foundation, so many other things are superficial and surface-level and will not create lasting, meaningful change!

Check out my blog about creating your self-care treasure chest, as this may spark some ideas around what can be in your holiday tool kit as well.


Preparing nourishing foods
Author preparing nourishing meal

Here are 7 ways I lovingly come home and practice self-care during the holiday season;

  1. Spend more time in nature and outside. I value connecting to the stillness, the peace, and grounding myself through Mother Nature.

  2. Starting every morning with 5-10 extra minutes of meditation, specifically grounding meditations. (Check out Insight Timer or Youtube)

  3. Taking longer walks after dinner, this allows me to wind down for the evening and also assists in the digestive process.

  4. Stock up on herbal teas. Drinking hot tea is a great way to stay hydrated and nourished during this cooler season. It also assists in satiety as well as boosting your immune system! Herbal blends contain antioxidants which will help your body stay healthy during cold/ flu season.

    • My favorite teas are Roasted Dandelion Root, Antioxidant Green Tea, Egyptian Licorice, Throat Coat and Chamomile.

5. Stay connected to my support system of friends who love me and know me well.

6 . Prepare nutrient-dense meals, so when I consume extra treats, it doesn’t throw my body off or make me feel like crap. But also, because feeling my best physically is so important. When I feel good physically, it's so much easier to make healthier decisions for myself, across the board.

  • Make a big pot of soup to warm throughout the week. My favorite food blogger is All The Healthy Things, and she has incredible soups and stews!

7. Reach out to friends who may be struggling, organize a dinner, or make an extra effort to connect to help them.

Thanksgiving meal with friends
Meal with Friends


Adapt from my list, add your own spin, but KEEP coming back home to yourself! You can also check out my online digital journal that will help you this holiday season and the next year in deepening your own spiritual, self-love healing journey!


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