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Welcome! My name is Cecily, owner of Bloom Healing + Nutrition. I live in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, where I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, hiking with my dog Clover, yoga and hugging trees. Most importantly, I’m passionate about guiding women on their journey to healing through holistic nutrition.


I founded Bloom Healing + Nutrition on two principles:

  • my belief that feeling comfortable and healthy in our bodies is the foundation of a joyful life

  • my desire to empower women to be happier, healthier and more energized by self love and self care methods. 

My journey to starting this business began with chronic physical discomfort. ​Before I turned 30, my body felt terrible. Daily stomach aches. Painful periods. Roller coaster PMS. Low energy. Does any of this sound familiar? It wasn’t until I completed the Whole30, a month-long food elimination program, that I realized most of my ailments stemmed from what I ate.

This newfound understanding inspired me with both passion and purpose — to study nutrition and to guide women back to themselves. 


I left my interior design career to enroll in the Nutrition Therapy Institute and dive into what I knew was one of my life's deepest passions. I quickly learned that when we change the way we eat, we change how we feel and therefore change how we interact with other people and the world. 


Since then, I’ve developed my own unique approach to healing through nutrition. My goal with every client is to help her celebrate and be at home within her body. If you are a woman who has dieted her whole life, you know how challenging this can be. Not only is it about what foods we consume, but the messages we tell ourselves.


For me, building a healthier relationship with food means that we take a MIND, BODY + SPIRIT approach.


Whether it’s through inflammation reduction, hormonal support or toxin reduction, together we’ll create a customized, nourishing diet that helps you be more active and present in your own life. 


If you’re ready to start healing and celebrating yourself, I’m here for you.

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