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My name is Cecily Lowdermilk

As the owner of Bloom Healing + Nutrition, I am passionate about helping women achieve optimal health and wellness by incorporating holistic practices in their daily lives. When I’m not working with clients, you’ll often find me hiking, dancing, doing yoga, mountain biking, joining moon circles,  at sound baths and breathwork, or hugging trees. My mission is to empower others to take charge of their health through proper nutrition and self-care practices.

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Bloom Healing & Nutrition was founded on on two principles:

  1. my belief that feeling comfortable and healthy in our bodies is the foundation of a joyful life

  2.  my desire to empower women to be happier, healthier and more energized by self love and self care methods.

Live a radiant, beautiful life

I know how painful it is to be uncomfortable in your body and feel like no matter what you do, it still doesn't create the healing you desire.  I spent about 28 years with chronic stomach aches,  weight gain and low self-esteem. It wasn't until I did the Whole 30 that I realized so many problems in my body stemmed from inflammation and when I ate a diet more aligned with whole foods full of nutrients and nourishment that I began to heal. 

I left my career in Interior Design and pursued my education at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado.  I quickly learned that when we change the way we eat, we change how we feel and therefore change how we interact with other people and the world. 

Since then, I’ve developed my own unique approach to healing through nutrition. My goal with every client is to help her celebrate and be at home within her body. If you are a woman who has dieted her whole life, you know how challenging this can be. Not only is it about what foods we consume, but the messages we tell ourselves.


For me, building a healthier relationship with food means that we take a MIND, BODY + SPIRIT approach.


Whether it’s through inflammation reduction, hormonal support or toxin reduction, together we’ll create a customized, nourishing diet that helps you be more active and present in your own life. 



If you’re ready to start healing and celebrating yourself, I’m here for you.

Into the Magick Podcast 

Into the Magick

My dear friend Katie Murphy and I host a monthly podcast called Into the Magick, where we explore healing modalities, Spirituality, expanded consciousness and occasionally aliens. 

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